«The courses take us to a place, Procida. Power of the imaginary and concreteness of vision present it to us as an exemplary capital of social dynamics, of inclusive experiences and of natural heritage.»

Procida is the italian capital of culture for 2022. It's the first time an island gets this coveted appointment, conquered with a groundbreaking project with a strongly evocative name: "culture doesn't isolate".

A pearl among the Parthenopean pearls, far end of the Gulf of the Mermaids, Procida is a destination that welcomes in a warm and colourful embrace anyone who lands on its coasts.

Once landed, the eyes will fill with natural wonders, the ears with tales hovering into eternity, the heart with incomparable emotions, the mind with permanent memories.
Its beauty was narrated in unforgettable books and movies. A muse, inspiration of stories that went around the whole world, like Elsa Morante's masterpiece "Arturo's island" and the movie "Il postino" (the postman), featuring the great Massimo Troisi.

A gem gently laid on water, Procida is a sequence of colorful houses, ancient buildings, churches and monuments, breathtaking views, inebriating lemon groves and verdant vineyards.

Here you can savour the slow rhythms of a people that kept its traditions intact, together with its vocation to simplicity and beauty.

The ideal destination for those who love the quiet and experiential tourism, appreciated by visitors from all over the world thanks to its picture-perfect scenery, the gritty beaches and the blue sea, the inlets, the trails and the scenic alleys, nature exploding all around and a proverbial timeless charm.

A seagull claws the horizon before it thickens, The blue bursts into the border behind which a star catches fire.

Iosif Brodskij




Incredibly fond of its traditions, the procidan community attends with engagement and passion all the events that synthesize the religious, rural and marine history of the island.

The most relevant tradition is the famous Holy Friday procession, a very ancient ritual in which folklore and art combine into an icomparable show, made even more magical by the incredible views that Procida offers.

Another unmissable event which has been part of Procida’s summers for more than half a century is the Sagra del Mare (the festival of the sea), which features important figures of culture, entertainment and art, and ends with the election of the Graziella. This is one of the most known and appreciated costume festivals in Italy and abroad.
The maritime transport network links Procida to the islands of the Gulf of Naples and to the mainland, in the ports of Pozzuoli and Naples.

Regarding the ground transports, there are bus lines which link the island in all its main locations, allowing you to easily move in about 15 minutes even from one end of the island to the other.

For further information, phone numbers, opening and closing times of bars and cafes, restaurants, offices and shops, you can download the Procida Island app.

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